3 Key Insights into Government AI Implementation


For years, decision makers and thought leaders across the public and private sectors have debated the value of Artificial Intelligence implementations within the government. While many barriers remain in enterprise-wide implementation, there seems to be a consensus that this emerging technology hosts power to greatly impact the future of the Government.

While this excitement and momentum pushes the conversation of implementation to the forefront of agency planning, there are many questions that are left unanswered. Below, we discuss three key insights we are seeing with AI Government use. By sharing these insights we hope to make progress on answering these complex questions.

1. Modernizing the Workforce

One of the most commonly cited concerns among Government employees related to AI implementation is job security. With the promise of AI technologies, being capable of completing tasks quicker and with better accuracy, some fear its use could lead to the displacement of the Government workforce.

However, the Government has been trying to shift away from this thinking and looking at implementation as an opportunity for government employees to engage in more meaningful work. Since the government is inundated with complex work, regulations and processes, repetitive and mundane tasks are commonplace.

One economic model projects that nearly half (49%) of the time that Government workers spend on tasks could be augmented with AI. If AI technologies delivered on this projection, then Government employees would have significantly more time to focus on high-level, mission critical work; ultimately, allowing them to deliver a better citizen services experience.

Additionally, data literacy and continued training also need to be part of this ongoing conversation. Government executives believe there is a need for increased data literacy and other related skills in order for agencies to keep pace with the benefits of AI implementation. When hiring and training employees, many believe there needs to be a shift towards data as a core competency. This means access to training resources that allow for a foundational understanding and knowledge of AI technologies and the role data plays in its success.

2. Data – the Lifeblood of AI

Data is one of the Government’s most valuable assets, and it plays a critical role in the success of AI initiatives. However, agencies are working with ever-growing data sets that are extremely time-consuming to analyze. In order to be effective, agencies must be dedicated to establishing data management processes and principles that allow for clean, ingestible, and reliable data to be fed into their AI solutions.

Additionally, once there is a steady stream of data being pushed through their AI systems, agencies can then use their new solutions to gain exclusive insights. In essence, their AI tools will serve as an additional source of data on citizen need, agency resources, and areas for improvement.

3. Knowing When to Ask for Help

While AI is still an unknown and unexplored tool for most of the Government, the same cannot be said for the private sector. For years, the private sector has been leading the charge in the research and development of AI technologies. Many agencies have shown interest in exploring the possibilities of AI through budget allocations and planning but have lacked the ability to transition into the action phase of implementation. Now, agencies require the knowledge, experience, and consulting services of private sector leaders to navigate and build a strong foundation for the future of government AI.

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