A Critical Investment in Security: Voice Biometrics


Once confined to science fiction, biometric technology has quickly evolved into a common feature of daily life for many of us. Whenever we unlock our iPhones with Face or Touch ID or call out a request to Amazon’s Alexa, we interact with a form of biometric technology. And government agencies, too, now seek to leverage biometrics, which can provide a secure and seamless experience for citizens and staff members. 

 Implementing these progressive initiatives can seem daunting, but our team at RSDC guides agencies through the technology adoption process. Our AI consulting services enable agencies throughout Washington, DC to improve client interactions while performing tasks more efficiently and securely. In collaboration with Verbio Technologies and our other partners, we provide cutting-edge AI and automation services.

Below, we explain how voice biometric technology works and discuss its ability to enhance government operations: 

How Voice Biometric Technology Works

Believe it or not, a person’s voice is as unique as their retina or fingerprints. Thus, voice biometric tech analyzes every individual’s voice patterns and creates a unique “voiceprint.” It notes more than 100 physical and behavioral factors, including pronunciation, emphasis, speed of speech, accent, and physical characteristics like vocal tract, mouth, and nasal passage structure. 

The most significant benefits of biometrics are convenience and security. Unlike passwords, badges, or documents, biometric data can’t be forgotten or lost, and it’s nearly impossible to duplicate. And voice biometric technology in particular has emerged as a unique solution for smart authentication. 

Once an individual’s “voiceprint” is on file, it can provide access to a mobile app, verify their identity over a customer service call, and more. 

Uses and Benefits in Government 

Among its many benefits, voice biometric technology provides a few notable advantages over more dated  systems: 

Security: with voice authentication as a single identifier or part of a multi-factor solution, organizations obtain an additional level of security over older technologies. Agencies can verify who is seeking to unlock accounts or gain access to information. This practice can significantly mitigate risks and improve security within the organization. 

Cost Savings: voice biometric technology also expedites the authentication process. It allows users to independently answer security questions and complete their own requests. Doing so reduces the total number of calls and creates significant savings for the organization.

Plus, if callers still require support, the voice biometric tech can authenticate a user while the agent is speaking with them. This eliminates the need for manual authentication and saves further time and money. 

Productivity: voice biometric technology also boosts productivity, especially for organizations that rely on “help desk” support teams. By assisting users with access-related issues, voice biometric technology frees up help desk workers to focus on critical, high-priority tasks.  

RSDC: Leading AI Consulting Services in Washington, DC

If you’re interested in learning more about how voice biometric technology can increase your organization’s efficiency and security, reach out to RSDC. We provide a full range of AI consulting services to help you reach your objectives and improve workforce performance and security. Our team has helped numerous agencies in the Washington, DC area to adopt emerging technologies, and we aim to assist yours as well.

Contact us today at 1-866-305-7352 to learn more about our services and how they can transform your organization. 

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