Agencies Are Future-Proofing Their Cloud Operations


When the federal government first issued COVID-19 restrictions, agencies scrambled to transition their in-person workforce to a remote setting. In a move termed “cloud bursting,” each agency uploaded its applications to a public cloud space. This gave customers continued access to agency services and allowed employees to work remotely. While this approach fulfilled the immediate need, it did not address the root of the problem: a well thought out cloud adoption plan.

Back in 2019, the Office of Management and Budget released an updated strategy for federal cloud adoption. This report cited multi-cloud systems as an effective way to manage workloads. But when COVID-19 delayed the government’s already slow acquisition process, agencies were forced to leverage the “single cloud approach.”

Now, the shortcomings of this limited system are clear. Concerns over security, traffic, and cost plague these agencies’ everyday work. In order to address these challenges, agencies should turn to RSDC for effective cloud solution deployments. Our cloud services provide all the benefits of this emerging technology: collaboration, flexibility, reduced costs, business agility, etc. More than fifteen years of work has saved our clients an estimated $35 million.

Below, we detail the single cloud approach’s issues as well as the multi-cloud structure’s perks:

Problems Posed by the Single Cloud Approach

First, a single cloud’s limited network capacity undermines efficiency. Many agencies had not tested their systems with a fully online workforce in mind. Thus, the surge of employee and customer traffic may make the networks slow and inadequate to perform its task.

Second, the dispersed nature of the government workforce has created efficiency and communication issues. Granted, many teams safely migrated their environments to the cloud for remote access. But mission critical and sensitive materials cannot be accessed remotely, and those who require access must work in-office.

And security, one of the government’s crucial priorities, has become a growing concern. National security decisions have been made on a shortened runway. In this single cloud environment, agencies operate on a wide threat landscape with a single point of failure.

The Multi-Cloud Solution

When agencies implement cloud computing, they find that it resolves numerous challenges:

  • Flexibility: Conventional, on-premises systems and networks require expensive updates and servicing. But cloud tech updates online and automatically. Plus, you can choose between public and private-access spaces as well as necessary capacity.
  • Quick implementation: Once a multi-cloud system is set up, the pace of work increases immediately. Moving from dated hardware to top-of-the-line equipment allows you to enjoy the benefits of innovation.
  • Collaboration: With a multi-cloud system, an agency-wide infrastructure is easy to set up. It can adapt as need be and puts everyone on the same page. This encourages collaboration between employees.
  • Security: The multi-cloud provides agencies with greater visibility of existing and future threats to their environment. With increased visibility comes faster response time to critical threats.

RSDC’s Service Advantages

We are not the only project management consulting firm out there, but we aim to be a leader in exceptional service. Integrating a multi-cloud system can be time consuming, but RSDC experts understand the process and guide your business through the transition.

Our team, composed of former veterans and government contractors, possesses extensive background knowledge and experience. We provide organizational planning to keep clients abreast of our progress and make the process convenient.

Plus, we pay special attention to security when conducting our work. We use encryption when moving your data and processes onto cloud spaces. This way, we protect your operations to ensure your agency’s future.

Call RSDC to Enhance & Adapt Your Arlington, VA Workforce for Cloud Computing

So, whether your agency uses a single cloud approach or an on-premises system, turn to RSDC for a smart upgrade. Along with cloud solutions services, we offer system engineering, software & data management, and A.I. & Automation services. Transform your business into a future-oriented competitor: call us at (703) 310-7913 or fill out our online form for more information.

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