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First AI Digital Assistant in the Federal Government

Over and over again, RSDC takes on projects that have never been done before, and succeeds.

Many companies say they are groundbreaking, but over and over again, RSDC Group (RSDC) takes on projects that have never been done before, and succeeds.

RSDC Group (RSDC) is rolling out the first ever government agency enterprise service desk robotic attendant. For an agency that serves military installations worldwide, incoming calls for basic inquiries represents a time and resource-consuming function. Our team of AI specialists and Advanced SAFe Certified Scrum Masters were equal to the task. Based on previous successful pilot programs, we were confident in our ability to stand up a program utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to field calls. With tens of thousands of calls coming in per day, our system is on track for a full roll out to take the majority of calls. 

Endless Possibilities

The application of AI technology, particularly in cross-agency data sharing for workflow maximization, is no longer a hypothetical: it is underway, according to this study by the Professional Services Council in May, 2019. The potential to reduce information silos, increase productivity and service optimization is vast, as is the projected spending, with about $1 billion to be spent in 2019.  

Letting Humans Be Humans

The result of this particular project with our client is a workforce liberated from tedious, repetitive duties. While technology completes those mundane tasks, our client’s most valuable resource, their people, are free to do what humans do best – think critically, creatively and with complexity to better support more critical activities for successful mission completion.

What repetitive, predictable tasks would your staff prefer not to do? Could an AI assistant handle it for them? Contact us today to explore the potential!

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