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AI Loves Boring Jobs

When designed and implemented properly, AI allows people to “people” better.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, when used effectively, does not replace human jobs: it takes over the simple tasks so that humans are free to do what we do best – think critically, creatively and socially. Federal workers relieved of mundane, repetitive duties are being actively upskilled, to prepare them for high-value, engaging responsibilities that better serve their professional development and successful service to their missions. 

There is no better example than the Amelia pilot system RSDCGROUP (RSDC) created for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). To test the potential for AI implementation in various areas of the department, RSDC was asked to create a user interface that would guide veterans through the initial claims process. With the diverse needs and familiarity in technology of our veteran population in mind, and in consideration of the difficulty so many were having with initiating and completing claims correctly, we got right to work. 

Partnering with Amelia, an AI interface that interacts with users in human-like language and branching logic to move users effectively through complex claim form completion, was a natural fit. With the pilot rollout in 2018 we saw the promise of the major reduction in claim errors, and faster overall processing. We were thrilled by the success of the pilot and look forward to potential of positive impact for the benefit of our nation’s veterans. 

Amelia is also under development for other agencies of the federal government. Learn more about that here

How can AI take your business to the next level? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to explore a partnership! 

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