AI Transforms Help Desk Call Centers

Anyone trapped in the circular runaround of automated phone systems knows how impossibly frustrating they can be. But so far, we have been stuck with them, because the cost savings to companies that use them is immense. But what if there was a better way?


There is – and the answer is artificial intelligence (AI)

Unlike the standard configuration which requires the caller to choose from preset options, AI can be trained to understand the intent of the caller and process data that may be several layers deep in storage and across departments. Open-ended prompts more accurately direct calls to the appropriate department the first time, or fetch necessary data quickly. The result is customers that experience shorter wait times, and greater information accuracy with a human-like interaction. 

Natural Language Processing 

Natural language processing (NLP) is a facet of AI that focuses on the human-computer interaction. Essentially, it teaches the software to recognize human intent and translate it into action. For example, rather than calling your utility company and pushing a series of numbers to navigate menus, you might simply ask, “Is my payment past due?” An AI system will understand the intent of the question, access the account data, look for payment records, due dates and balance owed, then compile the information to answer the question, and possibly add the amount date the next payment is due. Several steps were thereby skipped, resulting in a happier customer. 

AI is a Job Creator 

Many people argue that allowing machines to take over human duties like customer call centers will deprive actual humans of their livelihoods. While that concern certainly makes sense on the surface, it misses a key point: AI takes over basic, repetitive work, which frees humans up to be… human! Staff who no longer has to answer the same basic questions over and over can focus instead on work that requires critical thinking, creativity, and interpersonal skills. Companies benefit both from cost savings, while both employees and employers benefit from teams freed up to take the company to the next level. Customers benefit through faster calls and a streamlined, easy experience. 

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