Artificial Intelligence for Any Business

Unleashing the power of AI can make any organization excel, regardless of the field or industry. Let’s take a look at leading industries and how AI is changing the game.


Human Resources 

An AI interface can guide the new applicant process, eliminating manual input errors, immediately screening and routing the best candidates to the appropriate department. It can take into consideration company culture, existing and forecasted hiring needs, and legal regulations. It can automatically verify payroll hours, contact staff and leadership for approvals, and notify managers regarding variances requiring human attention. 

Legal Practices 

AI software can complete the tedious, repetitive tasks involved in discovery, organizing data and identifying patterns that may contribute to the outcome of the case. AI software can monitor client documentation to ensure accurate, updated filings, responses and more. 

Financial Oversight 

AI is already being used in the field of banking to monitor transactions in a massive, complex environment. With an understanding of global mitigating factors, AI bots are able to spot patterns that point to fraud, money laundering, and other nefarious activities. Internally, AI can be used to complete basic accounting duties like reconciliations, journal entries, payroll processing and more. Humans would be free to provide better oversight of variance investigations for greater transparency and financial stability. 

Logistics and Supply Chain 

Ensuring the timely delivery of raw goods, supplies, and products is a complex and sometimes tedious task, requiring the focus of skilled professionals. AI software can monitor the movement of goods worldwide, notifying managers of delays, deliveries, even mitigating global factors such as weather, unrest, and holidays. 

Help Desk  

RSDC is supporting the custom implementation of a true digital assistant that leverages AI and intelligent arbitration using Amelia in a help desk setting for the federal government. This monumental project was initiated for a vital organization serving military installations, federal facilities, and partnered and allied nations worldwide. With over 80,000 inquiries per month, including phone calls, emails, and scripted chatbot contacts, basic level inquiries must be answered quickly and easily, including order delivery updates and order changes. In partnership with IPsoft’s groundbreaking software Amelia, our pilot program proves a success in addressing Tier 0 support activities. We are on track to continue the rollout with the goal of the majority of incoming calls and chats being handled entirely by Amelia. Customer service staff is then increasingly able to focus on the more complex inquiries, and further development of internal processes and procedures. Read more about Austin O’Donaghue, Technical Lead for Software Cognitive Engineering here. 

Using AI and natural language processing (NLP), we can easily see the application for any situation and organization. Imagine what a partnership with RSDC can do for you. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to explore the possibilities! 

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