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A major factor in IT solutions delivery is a thorough understanding of the practical aspects of best practices, both in IT and in federal government. RSDC is prepared, practiced, and experienced.


All best practices aren’t created equal

There is a lot of talk around “best practices” in software development, solutions delivery, and project management, but what does that mean? Who determines them and how are they measured? Well, that depends. But what many consultants forget is that it depends on the client. Yes, there are best practices for Agile software delivery, for project management, for system architecture, and we know them all, but we are prepared to adapt them to your needs. 

One size does not fit all

If a consulting firm is truly serving their client, they don’t show up with a limited selection of  options, they are ready to dive together into uncharted waters. Over and over again, RSDC has been asked to stand up completely new, groundbreaking solutions. Our customers are massive, nationwide agencies with thousands of employees, thousands of opinions and a network of complex working parts. The best practices required vary by project and environment, and we are ready to create the best foundation for each. 

Best practices in a brand new division

When Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Continuity Programs (FEMA NCP) needed to stand up a brand new division, we were there. For the new Project Management Office needed for the Business Management Division (BMD), previously called the Readiness Division, we created multiple tools and matrices to manage and track division projects. 

We focused on empowerment. We wanted to give the division the transparency and data accessibility they needed to deploy and manage efforts in tough, evolving situations. Established in the late 1970’s, the agency has grown and changed in scope and ability. And of course, technology has grown and changed as well. The result was an ad hoc method, information silos, stovepipes, and a lack of consistency. FEMA leadership knew things could be better, but they didn’t know how. 

Best practices add value

Our system has provided increased visibility and transparency agency-wide, which increases the ability to meet the needs of Americans. FEMA leadership now has rapid access to inform data-driven decisions and evaluate program performance with real-time information. Our solution has been so effective, it has been implemented throughout the NCP.  

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