Our AI makes your business smarter

Our AI makes your business smarter.  Organizations and businesses use our cognitive computing to improve customer interactions, efficient processes, detect product safety, and performance.

RSDC’s cognitive computing capabilities are easily leveraged to offer contextual categorization of interactions. The infusion of meaning, syntax, time, and location brings greater depth and meaning to each interaction and empowers our team to implement automated decision support for your organization. This complex process has been utilized in automated service desk operations, training, and form fulfillment. Combining state-of-the-art tools like machine learning, data analytics, and emerging technologies, we deliver the solutions that transform.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Consistency and Accuracy

We employ software with artificial intelligence (AI) consulting and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that drive consistency and accuracy in your programs.  We can integrate RPA into your exciting environment rapidly and demonstrate results.   Our AI consulting services enable you to automate critical decisions instantly. 

Machine Learning

Theory and Application

 Our team helps systems understand data, patterns, and models that help make unassisted decision and inferences to forecast events.  We employ the right type of learning tailored to meet the extended results.  Our Machine Learning Consulting team has experience in SVM, Deep Learning, Passive Aggressive and other Machine Learning algorithms that can be applied to your environment. Lets make your AI smarter together.  

Cognitive Computing

Humanistic driven results

We build human and technology interactions that are adaptive, contextual, and iterative.  Based on brain science, our solutions bring the human touch back to technology. Cognitive Computing is growing at light-speed, we keep our eyes open, ready for the next thought-leader in the industry. By continually adjusting our own strategy today, and gaining hands on experience with the latest technology, we position you for greater success tomorrow.

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