Clayton Coleman, Deja Meko, Toya Butler, and Ryan Denmark

Change, Community, and Veteran Impacts

The three pillars of RSDC inform our approach to our daily activities. We act to foster change in the people and communities around us. By creating the ideal work environment, by hiring people who are just as passionate about their jobs as their client partners, and by delivering world class solutions to our customers, we are the change we wish to see in the world.

We Take Care of Our People

At a corporate level, we have decided with a great deal of intent to curate a group of deeply skilled, deeply talented, deeply engaged professionals. We have created salary and benefits packages that free them up to fully commit to their careers with RSDC, and a consciously-balanced work-life environment. We take equal care and intent in developing solution options for our customers that leverage our internal strengths for the maximum benefit of those who have entrusted us with their projects. The community we build reaches beyond our office building to the agencies we partner with and beyond. 

RSDC Understands Veterans Because We Are Veterans

For years, RSDC has taken the responsibilities entrusted to us by the VA seriously. As a veteran-owned company, we are deeply honored to give back to the community and support our veterans through our work. Increasing access to medical services through decreased claim processing time through the Veteran Benefits Management System (VBMS) is a cornerstone in our wall of successes. The work to build a new system from the ground up, to transform a massive nationwide agency, was monumental. For this task, we joined forces as a subcontractor, fitting seamlessly in to the efforts of the VA and the prime. 


But we knew that each file stacked on a desk or in a warehouse contained the needs of a person, a veteran, who was depending on us for help. The impact of our work affects thousands of VA employees and veterans in every state across the US. For many of those people, choosing to work at the VA was a conscious decision, one based on the passion for supporting vets. And for many, that passion was being crushed under the weight of the paper-based system.  

The Impact

The VBMS allowed those people to return to living out their mission for the benefit of our nation’s heroes. Since its rollout in 2013, more than 7 million claims have been electronically processed across 148 locations. The backlog of claims has dropped by 88%, and the number of days to a Fully Developed Claim (FDC) has decreased from an average of 427 days to 109. Our team’s success in collaboration with the prime contractor and fellow subcontractors in standing up this groundbreaking, massive, successful structure that benefits millions will forever be one of our crowning achievements.  

We’re proud of our success, and we’d love to add your company to our list of delighted customers. Contact us today to open the conversation!

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