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Clayton Coleman and Charles Stone, RSDC Leaders

“We don’t just come in, deliver a product, and leave. We get in the trenches with you, working arm-in-arm with your team until the job is done and beyond.”

On a Mission, Together

Unsurpassed experience and leadership. The innovative leadership group that continues to lead the RSDCGROUP (RSDC) charge, Clayton Coleman and Charles Stone, drive each project with deep experience and insight. “We don’t just come in, deliver a product, and leave,” says Coleman. “We get in the trenches with you, working arm-in-arm with your team until the job is done and beyond.” 

Central to the success of RSDC, Clayton Coleman and Charles Stone implement projects with a passion for metrics-driven, custom solutions that deliver value and drive business success. Coleman, RSDC CIO, built his expertise through twelve years with SPAWAR, a major contractor with the United States military. His experience contributing to key software solutions for Veterans Affairs directly informs his ongoing efforts. Charles Stone, RSDC CTO, leads by example, having spent more than sixteen years in enterprise software solution architecting, development, and project management for military and government customers. From the top down and the bottom up, we begin with industry leaders. 

Creating Internal Alignment

With a focus on provable quality, Coleman works to create solutions with measurable success. “Quality is proof that the standard of the product, the efficiency, efficacy, intention and results all align,” said Coleman. “We back what we say our solutions will do with immutable test results. When we present a solution option to our customers, we know that it’s going to work.” RSDC understands that most bidding contractors will claim the lowest price. We focus, instead, on delivering quality and a boutique experience in enterprise environments to enable your workforce to perform at their best. 

Baked-In Value

Stone and Coleman agree that the overarching focus is always on the value the customer receives. “We are invested in your success,” said Stone. “Our commitment to delivering value guides all of our decisions.” Beyond the requirements set out in the original Statement of Work, RSDC has a knack for identifying opportunities for improvement that internal players may have missed. For example, our team noticed a frustrating and wasteful inefficiency in document printing practices. With permission from our customer, we designed and implemented a new system that dramatically increased efficiency and workflow. 

The Proof of Success

And in the end, the proof of a job well done is in the enthusiastic loyalty and referrals of our customers. We have worked diligently to build a reputation that inspires confidence, and we work every day to uphold and reinforce the expectation of excellence. 

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