Cloud Computing Services During the Coronavirus/Recession


During the last Great Recession, cloud solutions offered a number of information-technology startup businesses an abundance of benefits, keeping them afloat. Today, renting cloud computing resources is on the rise across the United States, especially as the spread of COVID-19 reaches its peak in many states and more companies adjust to virtual work models. 

With easier access to cloud computing tools, more businesses and even market leaders are looking to capitalize on cloud computing resources. If your business is fast-growing and working remotely, taking advantage of professional cloud computing solutions during the Coronavirus pandemic can help you overcome immediate and future challenges when it is safe to open for business again.

Integrating a cloud server takes time, and RSDC is equipped to help make the process simple for your team to manage. Our team is composed of former veterans and federal employees who understand the challenges that public and private government contractors face. We specialize in creating unique cloud computing solutions that are effective and suited to your workflow to make connecting with your customers more productive, and ultimately, much easier.

Enhanced Collaboration

The Wall Street Journal reports that about 74% of businesses are making plans to permanently keep employees out of physical office space even after the pandemic restrictions subside. For businesses with at least two or more employees, they can greatly benefit from utilizing cloud computing solutions. 

While you don’t have to physically install cloud server equipment, the virtual aspect allows teams to view and share information, and collaborate easily under a secure cloud-based system. Not only does it enhance overall collaboration, but it improves employee engagement as well.

Accessible Data

While many businesses are concerned about security issues–both externally and internally– with a cloud computing server, RSDC offers organizational planning for your convenience to ensure your company’s processes and data are fully integrated onto a secure cloud platform. 

We also carefully monitor your security so your team can focus on what you do best without having to divide the duties between your in-house IT team. 

For solid security measures, the main element we help you with is utilizing encryption. The use of encrypted data being channeled through various networks and stored in databases makes it less susceptible to unauthorized access from hackers.

Better Flexibility

A cloud-based server can meet your business’ demands quickly. For instance, if a company requires extra bandwidth to help further divide responsibilities across its team, then they can receive it instantaneously without having to rework their IT’s infrastructure. 

Doing the latter is ultimately more tedious and time-consuming, which most businesses cannot afford to waste. The flexibility of a cloud computing platform is a significant difference that can positively affect any business’ efficiency.

Greater Business Agility

There are a number of factors that make a custom cloud computing platform worth the investment. 

By implementing cloud computing into your business workflow, you are giving your team easy access to company data, which in turn, inevitably saves you more time and money. 

When it comes to working with new and startup projects, cloud computing streamlines business processes and improves client encounters.

Increased Savings

Oftentimes, cloud computing services are “pay as you go” or pay only for what you need, so you are not wasting costs on unused space. 

In addition to that, you also have the opportunity to adjust your data storage at any time to ensure you or your client’s are not charged for the storage space that goes unused.

Schedule A Personalized Cloud Solutions Consultation Today

To achieve enhanced virtual processes, integrating effective cloud solutions takes time. Our team at RSDC offers cloud solutions that help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. We listen to your needs to customize a cloud solution that aligns with your business goals to ensure you are constantly excelling your growth. Get in touch with our experts today to implement a custom cloud solution that works for you. 

Contact our cloud solutions experts at (703) 310-7913 or email us at to see how we can assist you. 

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