Perform Your Best During the Worst

Is your company ready to continue providing services in the event of a man made or natural disaster? RSDC understands the critical importance of continuity capabilities to an organization.


Continuity of Business Services

The clear plans, structure, documentation and training we create and implement will allow your organization to maintain critical functions during a time of crisis, enabling a continuation of services during times when they are needed most.  

In partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), RSDC published 90 technical documents in support of FEMA engineering and program management.  

Close coordination with the client, stakeholders, and user community enabled us to craft Concept of Operations (CONOPS) that reflect the reality of how these systems are utilized. The result is greater utility to decision makers and operational personnel alike. Our team was also instrumental in shaping Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), policy rewrites, the 5-Year Strategic Plan, and the Continuity Incidents Best Practices Library input template and database tool, developed in response to the 2017 hurricane season challenges. 

Risk Assessment and Mitigation 

Our team provides comprehensive, end-to-end services that will ensure you are ready for any scenario, including natural disasters and manmade threats. We align security with program needs, achieve consistent compliance through the crisis, and manage all levels of risk. We begin with essential functions, working with you to explore the organization-level functions that should continue through, or be the first to resume after a disruption in normal activities. With an outside perspective and deep experience in complex organizational structures, we will identify areas of risk and gaps in structure. We will identify essential and sensitive documents and data, and prepare systems for their care and continued access.  

Policy Planning, Assessment, and Documentation 

Using your input and organizational charts, we will develop clear orders of succession and contingency plans to be applied if some or all of your decision-makers are unable to continue to work as normal. We will develop, document and train your staff in the policies and procedures needed to implement plans, so that every person is prepared. 

Continuity Engineering Services 

Our team will explore and account for physical factors, including server location, facility location, geographic challenges and virtual operations location options. Your infrastructure will be tested and evaluated to ensure feasibility. Communication during a disaster or crisis is essential, so we’ll make sure your team is empowered to communicate through the appropriate channels, and enabled to operate autonomously when broad communication is impossible.  

Our team has proven our efficacy through contracts with agencies at the local, state and federal levels. We are prepared to bring this same expertise to your organization. 

Plan to Succeed

Does your company need to stop hoping for the best and start planning? Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. We’re here to help!

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