Making people the first priority

People First.  Its simple, no gimmicks and no flashy sidekicks.  What makes RSDC move are our clients and team memebers.  Without their success, we wouldn’t have ours.  

From custom software solutions to ensuring resiliency in our nations government, we bring more than 15 years of professional  and technical solutions to our clients.  The success of our people is core to our business, a driving principle in how we serve our clients, and a commitment to the staff we work with.

Our Values

Everyday excellence is our goal

We bring our company together in alignment with our clients on every engagement we deliver. This fuels confidence and trust and contributes to an organization’s success. Growth is an outcome of this focus. It drives enduring value in everything we do

Our People

Putting people first

Our people are professionals.  We are driven by curiosity, wonder and the desire to excel.  We are students, teachers and doers.  We embrace diversity and recognize that we are part of a team that demands accountability and drives results.  Join our team to be part of a better solution.


Reinvesting for our clients and team

RSDC encourages and fosters a culture of innovation. We openly solicit ideas and future products from our team. Those initatives selected enable the promoter to lead, shape and develop the project – and drive the solution in partnership with corporate resources. These tools are leveraged for our client engagements to help delivery of services and accelerate value.  

Corporate Responsibilities

Change – Through leading by example, we institute a culture of contribution and selflessness. We act in order to foster change in the people and communities around us.

Community – By engaging at a corporate level as well as empowering our staff by paying for their volunteer hours, we encourage growth that has a positive impact on everyone involved. We are able to use our professional skills to develop and improve societal leaders. 

Veteran Impacts – Our commitment to our current and retired service members is at the forefront of RSDC’s contributions. We actively engage with relevant and respected organizations in order to assist our veterans and their families with well-being, transitions and their overall success.

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