Don’t Get AI-Washed

Your leadership team has decided it’s time to implement artificial intelligence (AI), you have formed a subcommittee, put out an RFP, and are overwhelmed by the options. Who should you choose?


Your leadership team has decided it’s time to implement artificial intelligence (AI), you have formed a subcommittee, put out an RFP, and are overwhelmed by the options. Who should you choose?

Go with Experience 

With AI-washing scaring many companies away from taking the plunge into AI, it is vital to your success, and budget, to choose a solutions provider committed to true AI implementation. Key to AI success are the pilot programs that precede full implementation: technology organizations that skip straight from design to roll-out are missing a vital step. Pilots allow for learning, modifications, and proofs of concept that guides the rest of the process. RSDC is committed to the process of proving value, then delivering on its promises. RSDC has a strong track record of AI pilot success. Let’s look at a few of our favorites: 

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) 

RSDC has a deep relationship with the VA, both as a veteran-owned organization and an active employer of veterans, but because we have completed milestone projects together. RSDC was the company that successfully migrated the entire VA from a paper-based system to digital, giving 14,000 VA employees rapid access to claim documents. We then moved the digital system off of the massive, costly servers in use to the cloud, increasing real-time access to data while saving $119M per year in server fees. Moving into AI capabilities, we built a pilot program to prove the concept that AI helps decrease application time and eliminate user errors in the initial categorization of medical disability claims. With an AI interface, veterans working their way through a complex claims process experienced a more personal, seamless experience and faster turnaround time. Read more about that here

NETCOM, Department of Defense (DoD), United States Army 

NETCOM is a vital agency within the DoD that focuses on cyberspace, charged with the mission to operate and defend the digital networks of the US Army. The possibilities for using AI in this setting are nearly limitless. We began with a pilot to explore the concept that AI could help service members to complete incident reports through a human-like interface. The system would combine natural language patterns (NLP) with learned business processes to understand the intent of the user, accept entered information and ask further questions. The result found was higher quality incident reports with vital details recorded, faster reporting times, and all areas of the form accurately and fully completed. Post-pilot implementation would support service member safety, equity, and uphold the values of the US Army. 

Project Underway 

In addition, RSDC is currently conducting a pilot for a worldwide federal agency to implement the first true artificial intelligence (AI) help desk digital assistant in the federal government. The partnering agency receives an average of 80,000 customer inquiries each month, by phone, email, and chat bot communication. The vast majority of these inquiries require tier one support, and the RSDC AI pilot is on track to handle those in the coming year, freeing up the human staff to focus on higher level inquiries and problem-solving.  

If We Can Do It for Them 

We can do it for you! Contact us today to open the discussion. Let’s explore your strategic goals and craft solutions to get your company there and beyond. 

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