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Brandon Bush | Solutions Architect


Brandon Bush’s career path was never in question. Bored with his basic typing class in high school, Bush transferred to computer programming and never looked back.

Through a US Navy school-to-work program, he began working in a conference center, filling after school hours and summers with increasing responsibility. Armed with a degree in computer engineering and having earned the respect and trust of the organization, the transition to a civilian role with SPAWAR, one of the Navy’s major acquisition commands, was an easy choice. For five years, Bush built his career with SPAWAR, providing leading-edge technical solutions to the US Navy. He then transitioned to a position within the federal government, using Agile development principles to deliver software forcloud-based, enterprise scale DevOps systems. 

Joining RSDCGROUP (RSDC) has provided Bush with the ideal opportunity to utilize his extensive understanding of government and military inner workings, challenges, and culture in the creation and delivery of software architecture solutions. “Although we develop systems for the use of government employees, I never lose sight of the fact that our actual end users are veterans, people I know and respect,” Bush said. Excited by the constant challenges provided in his work, Bush considers himself to be a professional problem-solver. “I look forward to digging in and building an understanding of the problem. From the data in our extensive requirements gathering process, I work to develop solution options that bring value, that will excite, and that will rapidly be deployment-ready without sacrificing quality and long-term viability.” 

During family time, Bush and his wife, a doctor, enjoy worldwide travel with their son, who, by the age of three, will have visited six countries. “I believe travel is an important way to expand horizons and gain understanding of different ways to view and address problems. A well-traveled person is then empowered to use the knowledge and insight gained to craft the type of life that suits that person best. I apply the same approach to my work every day. That’s why I never get bored. That’s why I love what I do.”

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