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Chad Howard | Software Engineer


For Chad Howard, a career in computer science was never in question. As a teen, he spent his free time creating websites, designing video game bots, and creating digital art. Early on, he began to grasp the magnitude of the potential technology held to solve problems large and small.

“Technology provides us with endless opportunities to meet evolving challenges with evolving solutions,” Chad said. “It requires us to commit to a lifestyle of learning and growth, and that is what fascinates me, and drives me.” Central to his passion his work with the clients of the RSDCGROUP (RSDC) is the focus of his job: using technology to solve problems. Utilizing his artistic background, Chad approaches software solution development with an eye to elegance in process flow and usability.

Chad also gets excited by the major cost savings experienced by his clients. Recently, Chad served on the team that facilitated a major migration to cloud storage for a department of the government. The organization reported document storage cost savings in the millions following the change. Additional cost savings in decreased turnaround time and work hours to complete tasks are also common results of RSDC efforts. “Working with RSDC clients is especially powerful because my solutions make work easier and more efficient for my client’s employees, and they in turn, are better equipped to affect the lives of the people they serve.”

But above all else, it’s about the people. “I love the exploration, requirement gathering, and the collaborative process with my team and our clients. We work to understand the day-to-day experiences of the people who will be using our solutions. I want to know what is already working well, what makes their job harder, and what they need to be at their best.” His position at RSDC is Chad’s first career-focused role following his graduation from college, and he feels he has hit the jackpot; from his team of engaged, equally excited peers, to the company itself and the clients they serve.

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