Employee Spotlight | Hope Lam

Hope Lam, Senior Software Engineer

Hope Lam’s career in software engineering began in a hotel room at the age of fourteen. Bored while her father attended a conference, Lam wanted to help her sister improve in math. Using his computer to write code, she created a program that would generate random problems for her sister to solve. Following in the footsteps of her father, who worked as a programmer himself for a time, Lam’s early exposure and familiarity with technology laid the foundation for a career.

Frequently the only woman in her computer sciences classes, Lam hasn’t found gender to play a role in her career. “I really never gave it a second thought. I knew what I wanted to do, and I moved forward with doing it,” she says. “Women who want to get into this field need to decide that they want to do it, and not let gender be an issue. Don’t waste time being timid and don’t be afraid to speak up.” At RSDC, Lam has found a cohesive team of professionals that support one another. “I am often asked if being a woman makes my job harder, but I really haven’t found it to be an issue. Most days, the difference in gender doesn’t cross my mind. What is important to my team and the leaders at RSDC is that I’m being challenged, that I have what I need to be successful, and that each of us maintain a balanced work/home life. I am convinced that our leadership have all of our best interests at heart.” 

Aside from her skill and technical expertise, Lam stands out through her interpersonal skills, her ability to connect with people and build understanding. Key to her success is the ability to distill highly technical information for non-technical audiences. She enjoys working with end users and leadership to explore preferences, understand perspective, and translate findings into innovative, effective solutions. 

The ability to communicate and manage people effectively comes in handy, particularly in Lam’s hobby and side business as a photographer. Whether alone in a field capturing landscapes and wildlife, or in the midst of a wedding capturing the milestones of life, Lam enjoys tapping into her creativity. “At work, I use both my creativity and analysis, but technical thinking naturally takes the forefront. In photography, I allow my creativity to take the lead. I enjoy feeding both sides of my personality.” 

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