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Jackie Lockhart | Technical Requirements Analyst


As a veteran herself, with brothers and uncles in the military, Jackie Lockhart is driven to be her best every day with a deep connection to those her work affects. After nine years in the Navy and twenty in the Naval Reserves, Lockhart brings a deep understanding of military inner workings and the perspective of the ultimate end users of the systems she helps develop. “I use the services provided by the VA. My friends and family do, too, and that is something I’m cognizant of when I go to work every day: I’m ultimately helping them access the services they need and make their experiences better.”

Bringing in the personal touch, Lockhart prefers to travel to her clients, to sit with them in requirements gathering sessions. With a genuine interest in client needs, ideas and the challenges they face, she enjoys leading discussions and guiding productive conversations to ensure all voices are heard and all options are considered. She views every project as a complex, moving, evolving puzzle, and that excites her. 

“I really enjoy the process of connecting with the people who will be using what our team develops. I want to know exactly what they are looking for, what would make their jobs easier, and what we can do to make sure this is a solution that adds value for the long-term. On the internal side of the process, I enjoy making sure our development teams have everything they need to craft optimal solutions. I get to interface with a lot of different people at all levels to bring the VA into the twenty-first century, and I love that.”

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