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Raul Melara Beckman | Software Engineer


Growing up in Honduras, the son of a physicist and mathematician, Raul Melara Beckman dreamed of a career in engineering. As a student, he began working in his father’s business and found himself drawn in by a world of numbers, logic, and the vast opportunities for real-world applications. 

Following graduation from high school, Raul traveled to the United States to visit family in South Carolina. It became immediately clear that his best option was to seek an education and career in the US, where opportunities to apply his passion for technology were limitless. “In Honduras, people don’t have the opportunities we have here. I know how difficult it is in other countries. That insight give me a deep understanding of the importance of using whatever skills and abilities we each have to help others. I am deeply grateful to be able to use my love for math and computers to help make life better for people.” 

Raul’s daily responsibilities contribute directly to the benefit of thousands: with governmental departments as clients, his solutions make life easier for thousands of employees. Those employees are then better equipped to meet the needs of the individuals they serve. “When I came to the US and I was getting on my feet, I benefited from government services. The work that I now do is the perfect way to give back, to contribute to the system so that it can help others.”

Through the completion of his degrees, Raul applied his earlier interest in engineering and technology hardware to his understanding of software solutions. Able to understand the structure and interconnectedness of the macro perspective, Raul is then able to focus in on the micro aspects that will make the goal a reality. 

In his free time, Raul enjoys further exploring technology, learning from solutions created by others to help inform his own work. In 2019, he joined a team of six including fellow RSDCGROUP (RSDC) developer Chad Howard at the Booz Allen Hamilton Hack-a-Thon. In the event time of eight hours, the team was challenged to create a solution to a climate change. Their solution, an app that tracks and rewards recycling efforts, included a working barcode scanner and an intuitive display of scan history and points earned. Their app, Recycle.ly, took second place in a field of twenty-two teams.

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