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In terms of regulations, complexity, and stakes, there are few sectors more challenging than the Federal Government.


Since our inception, RSDC has focused on federal contracts. The seeds for our company began with the work done by our founding members on a massive project: the IT architecture and migration of the newly founded Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We didn’t just survive the project: we nailed it, grew into a strong foundational team, and knew we had to work together again. And RSDC was born.  

As a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), we approach our work every day with the clear understanding that our clients fulfill missions that save lives, protect our country, and support our nation’s heroes. We never lose sight of that fact, or the honor it is to join in that support through project excellence. And since those early days, our list of government partners has grown to include the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the US Army, and the US Navy. 

Following the exacting and demanding standards in the government sector is our bread and butter. Navigating the complexity of departments, regulations, funding, and cross-functionality to stand up evergreen solutions that add value for years to come is just what we do.  

As we move into the next phase of expansion, we look forward to applying the lessons learned in the federal environment to businesses like yours. We are well prepared to guide the conversation, learn about your needs, your vision, and your goals.  

Imagine the possibilities – and give us a call! Let’s explore how AI can give your company the advantage. 

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