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It’s not their fault, they just never worked with RSDC.


This is how we Rock ‘n’ Roll

There is a Rolling Stones song that says, “You can’t always get what you want.” We’ve heard our clients say that they’ve been told this by other contractors, and that is why they call us. RSDC has the reputation of being the team that delivers. Our philosophy is pretty simple really: we won’t tell you that you can’t get what you want, we promise to deliver what you need. And we promise to help you figure out exactly what that is. 

Alongside Contractors

We don’t need to look far back in our history to find the perfect example: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), brought us in to review a solution being implemented. They tasked our team with a review and analysis of the system and work to that point. What we found was that the idea was fantastic, and the execution would be optimally supported with the additional skills and experience of the RSDC team.  

We joined the effort, working alongside the existing team to support and augment their efforts, returning the project to the projected timeline. After building a comprehensive understanding of the EPA’s goals and challenges, and using our expertise in Agile software development and best practices, we created the architecture needed to support the environment desired. We developed the framework and punch-list that has kept the complex project and multiple contracted teams on track, moving forward toward completion. 

A Fresh Infusion

Even more, with our experience and expertise, we have brought a new level of expectation to the project. We took the original idea and expanded it with fresh ideas and insight. The value-added result is a system that will work better, faster, and more efficiently for the long-term. Through our continued support of this program, we are engaged in its ongoing evolution and optimization. 

Long-Term, Value Added Perspective

How do we do this? We work with you to understand your long-term goals, not just what the immediate need might be. We seek first to understand. We listen. Not for what you think you need but for what will serve you best. We work with you to come up with the best solution, and we provide solutions that will grow with you. 

What business challenges are holding you back? Contact us today to explore how we can get you what you want and what you need!

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