How Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is Advancing the Government


Modern technological developments affect more than the private sector – they change how our government functions too. So as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri continue to grow in popularity for the public sector, they also caught government agencies’ attention. Now, what was once a public convenience is a tool for national progress. 

Upgrades in efficiency and performance improve civil services and benefit citizens. But if your agency’s staff worries about the difficulty of adopting new technology, reach out to RSDC. We help organizations throughout the Washington, DC area to integrate artificial intelligence automation into daily operations. Our work makes agencies and companies faster, more responsive, and better equipped for business. Thanks to Verbio Technologies and our other partners, we lead the region in providing artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. 

Below, we explain how AI voice technology works and how it has transformed the government’s daily operations: 

How Voice ASR Works

As to be expected, the nuts and bolts of ASR are quite complex. Nevertheless, it is a vibrant realm of development that continues to improve. Specifically, ASR tech “hears” spoken sounds and processes speech into words. 

Once it “hears” speech and translates it into text, the AI system uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand it. It looks for the intention of the request and, based on its determination, proceeds with an action. In some systems, the NLP process becomes more accurate and specific with use. 

As we’ve discussed in the past, diverse changes in the public sector stem from AI and digital technologies. For instance, customers have increased access to services thanks to digital interaction options. Likewise, clunky legacy systems of old have been phased out of use.

Uses in Government & Challenges to Usage

Just how has AI technology changed the government’s workings? While its implementation has not always been simple or quick, AI’s impacts on the public sector are positive. This tells us that we can expect increased usage in the years to come. 

AI has modernized the workforce, allowing civil servants to focus on large-scale decisions while the emerging technology handles mundane, repetitive tasks. For instance, AI can process and sift through massive amounts of data that would take individuals hours to analyze. Thus, it allows employees to focus on mission critical  solutions. 

Of course, automation technologies present some challenges. Security remains a top concern: will this tech maintain the protections for classified intel? In another vein, the new developments must integrate with older systems. Such transitions take extensive time and manpower. 

How RSDC Can Help

Our team helps you and your organization navigate these challenges. Thanks to our experienced staff and cutting-edge technology, we provide the latest and best that AI offers. Whether you want to integrate new systems or adjust ones that you have already, we can help you manage your trajectory. 

In addition to voice AI, we also offer Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing. These options further free employees from tedious number-crunching, helping them to work faster and smarter. It’s more evidence that AI is essential to public sector innovation

Delivering Artificial Intelligence Automation to Agencies Throughout Washington, DC

Reach out to RSDC and ask about artificial intelligence automation, and your company or agency can enjoy its benefits too. We’ve become a leader in project management solutions by providing solutions that have saved our clients millions. For more than fifteen years, we’ve been helping organizations to work smarter; now, we can bring these practices to you. Call us at (703) 310-7913 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

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