IT for Humans

People don’t often think of the human factor when thinking about IT.
At RSDC, we never forget that IT is all about people – our solutions are created by and for people, for the betterment of humanity.


AI Serves People

Technology, and especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), when utilized correctly does not take the place of humans: it frees humans up to do what technology can’t – think critically, creatively, with compassion and emotion. We design AI solutions as an investment in the people that use them, to make it faster and easier to excel in their jobs, finding professional satisfaction in all that they are free to do. Our team creates and tailors your AI solution with care and intent, remembering the people, the individuals, who will depend on it every day. 

A Foundation of Exceptional People

We begin with a stellar team, people equally as passionate about our customer’s project as the customer is. We build on their existing skills and talents with ongoing training and active collaboration. We provide everyone, from entry-level to leadership team, with a generous compensation and benefits package with the understanding that if their needs are met, they will be free to give their all to their work. We invest in our people to bring the human touch to AI. 

We’re Here for You

Ultimately, though, our work is all about our customers. We’re the technology company that sends handwritten thank you and birthday cards to our customers. Our solutions exist to make their jobs easier, and we never forget that. 

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