The Age Old Question

Operating systems, user familiarity, technical levels, oh my! RSDC is here to clear the way to success.


Let’s not get heated.

If there’s one question sure to spark a heated debate, it’s, “Are you Mac, or PC?” 

Differing operating systems can cause complexity when designing software solutions that perform seamlessly for all users. The good news is that RSDC is the OS-agnostic team that can program our way around anything. 

Variables to Consider

We understand that different organizations have different decision makers, differing driving factors, and different personal preferences when it comes to choosing a technology stack. PC or Apple? Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services? Red or Blue? Our programmers can devise custom solutions that will solve your business problems no matter what the organization selects for itself. 

One Solution to Rule Them All

So your company needs a software solution, but what if that system also needs to be able to interface with outside clients or patients, each with their own preferences, skill levels and technology setups? We understand that the customers of our clients are going to be familiar with different levels of technology stack. Dropbox or Google Drive? Web interface or a PDF that’s editable? Making and deploying solutions for users that use different technologies, and then understanding that the customer technology will be different is key to creating a seamless user experience. We help companies craft technology solutions that will accommodate their users no matter what technology they have at home. 

Tech is for Humans

What really counts is the processing and interaction. RSDC knows that we have to build a strong technology backbone that accommodates users. Human intuition is going to solve most of these problems because we’re not just doing the script writing, we’re thinking about the top to bottom solution holistically, with a human behavior perspective. 

The best example for this has to be the Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS) we created for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Working in tandem with fellow subcontractors, we created an online portal by which veterans can file benefits claims, check the status of pending claims, and submit all supporting documentation. Our system cut wait times for benefit dispersal by half, through a user-friendly interface that met veterans at whatever technical level, whatever browser, and whatever operating system they had. Since its rollout in 2013, more than seven million claims have been electronically processed across 148 locations. The backlog of claims has dropped by 88%, and the number of days to a Fully Developed Claim (FDC) has decreased from an average of 427 days to 109. Our team’s success in standing up this groundbreaking, massive, successful structure that benefits millions will forever be one of our crowning achievements. 

Let’s Talk!

Is your business poised to move forward, but find yourselves stuck in old systems, old processes, and old technology? Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation, and let’s explore your needs. 

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