How to Maximize Your Next IT Upgrade Investment

There is nothing more powerful for business success than the combination of fantastic tech properly implemented and people eager and empowered to use it.


If anyone has had to get comfortable with change, it was the good people at the VA. 

A Lesson Learned 

The past 10+ years have seen massive changes in the IT industry.  At the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) RSDC played an instrumental role in the project that transitioned the VA from paper-based to a digital environment and moved the overloaded server-based system to the cloud. Currently, we are implementing a groundbreaking digital help desk application using artificial intelligence (AI) for the DoD. With business processes entrenched over decades, the need for change is clear, but breaking old routines was understandably difficult. Learning new systems while keeping up with day-to-operations can seem overwhelming. 

How to Combat the Overwhelm 

There is nothing more powerful for business success than the combination of fantastic tech properly implemented and people eager and empowered to use it. 

Here’s how you get there: 

  1. Listen. Take time to have listening sessions with your front-line people. At the beginning of a project, they will provide valuable insight that will result in a far more comprehensive requirements gathering process. But also, listen to their concerns, their fears, their resistance to the project. You’ll gain further insight in how to best support them during roll out later on.  
  2. Communicate. When changes are made without adequate communication, rumors tend to fly, and people become worried for their jobs. We have found it key to communicate clearly and frequently that the coming changes will not eliminate jobs, but will make it easier for everyone to work at their best. 
  3. Collaborate. Be sure that the team leading the design and implementation takes the input of the people using the solution seriously. If you are contracting with an outside solutions partner, choose one that values this facet of the work. Essentially, rinse and repeat Step 1 throughout the process.  
  4. Support. No matter how cutting edge and flashy a solution might be, if people are too intimidated or overwhelmed, the tools won’t be used. The time, energy, and investment will be lost, and morale will suffer. Be sure that your change management plan includes training and allowance individual, small group, and department-wide training. 

Need Help? 

We recommend hiring the team that takes customers through the end-to-end process, from the very first meeting through the rollout, training, and ongoing support. That team is RSDC. Prepared with years of experience in AI and business optimization experience, we understand the equal value of our IT solutions, and the humans that use them. 

Are You Ready? 

Contact us today, and let’s explore the ways that thoughtfully, skillfully designed AI solutions can take your business to the next level and beyond. 

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