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We’ve Never Done That Before – Let’s Get to Work!

With a reputation for an approach that balances skill and expertise with creativity and a humanistic approach, being asked to do what’s never been done is a frequent request for the RSDC Group (RSDC) team. 

The First AI Help Desk in the US Government

The federal agency responsible for a wide variety of services in support of deployed US military units worldwide knew it had a problem. Meeting the needs of military members around the world is a complex task, resulting in more than 20,000 contacts to the customer service center monthly. Realizing that many of the contacts required low-level searches and simple answers, RSDC sought to reduce user impact to the department through the first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) enterprise service desk attendant. Amelia, an AI software with the ability to understand human interactions and provide a human-like experience as callers are prompted through a series of questions to retrieve the information they need. The result is an intelligent understanding of client requests, avoiding the frustrating maze-trap that all decision tree systems are subject to. Customers experience a flexible dialog and lucid interaction, which is keenly tied to positive Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in private industry, reflecting increased customer  loyalty and revenue growth. 

A Team Approach

With a team of skilled architects, programmers and Advanced SAFe Certified Scrum Masters, we were perfectly positioned to help make this vision a reality. Although this type of solution has been implemented in private companies, it is the first of its kind in a Defense organization. This system represents a major step forward in the use of emerging technology to better serve our men and women in service. As the system is more fully implemented, deployed units are better able to access equipment and services they need quickly and securely.  

AI is Freeing

In the coming months, the majority of incoming calls will be answered by the AI system. The result is a workforce liberated from tedious, repetitive duties. While technology completes those mundane tasks, DLA’s most valuable resource, their people, are free to do what humans do best – think critically, creatively and with complexity. 

What predictable, repetitive tasks would your employees rather not do? Is AI the solution? Contact us today to explore the possibilities!

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