A People-First Company

We take care of our people, so they can take care of you.


RSDC has always been a people-first company. It’s reflected in our core values, and is echoed by our talented team. It drives everything that we do, from our internal practices to the way we work with our customers and partners. From the founding day, we have put our money where our mouth is, backing up the stated commitment to the ideal workplace with the policies and practices to carry it out. 

Asked For By Name

Frequently requested by name, clients know that the depth of skill and value that RSDC specialists provide takes the augmentative power for contract delivery to the next level. We maintain the highest standards for our outcomes, the highest standards for our individual performance, and that begins with the highest standards for our own performance as an employer. 

We believe that when our employees are taken care of, they, in turn, take care of our clients. It’s a simple philosophy really, often talked about, but rarely demonstrated in a corporate culture. And this is yet another example of what sets us apart. 

The Human Factor in IT

Why do the best of the best come to RSDC to build their careers? Because we live out our commitment to the creation of a work environment that respects individuality, a balanced lifestyle, and a glowing long-term outlook. When a team doesn’t have to worry about paying medical bills, or saving for retirement, when they don’t have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, they are free to think, create, and perform at their best. And that is our commitment to them. 

Though we specialize in the world of 1s and 0s, we know the human factor is what’s most important. We’ve invested in our human capital to drive our commitment to delivering solutions that matter. 

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