Project Management Trends in 2020


As we enter a new decade, this is a good time to reflect on how far project management solutions have come. In order to adapt to modern organizational structures and keep pace with project complexity, new programs and tools leveraging modern technology have emerged to simplify and streamline project management more than ever before.

At RSDC, we provide business transformation services to take your project management process to the next level. As an Agile technology company, we work directly with your team to tailor solutions that fit your organization’s needs and ensures long-term success. We possess experience working with clients across various industries, developing processes that empower them to meet their deadlines, maintain their budgets, and improve quality and performance.

Below, we discuss project management trends that have dominated 2020 thus far:

Expansion of A.I. & Automation

With all the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications, this should come as no surprise. AI implementation has already demonstrated great success in software development, for healthcare and finance industries, and now the project management sector is no exception.

One primary benefit of AI is minimizing the routine work of project / product management. Doing so, opens up more time for project / product managers to engage in innovation and critical thinking, creating opportunities for increased productivity. Simple bots perform a variety of tasks, e.g., updating task sheets, setting reminders, generating project reports, and more. Incorporating AI gives you a more advanced system that provides data-driven recommendations.

Looking ahead, AI capabilities include aiding in project collaboration, task management, data consistency, and even risk predictions. Picture this: a human-computer complimentary environment, with AI taking care of the mundane tasks, assigning the right team member to a project based on their skills and expertise, and providing a realistic estimation of project task durations and cost projections.

Focus on Data Analytics & Numbers

Project management involves juggling a lot of data and sources. Technological advancements make data management even more accessible to project managers, allowing them to leverage insights and make informed decisions regarding project planning and quality management.

For those who are not fans of big numbers, there are project analytics tools to do the work for you that provide a complete picture of project activities.

Advanced Project Management Tools & Solutions

In today’s digital environment, project management tools are here to stay. They are truly a game-changer when it comes to streamlining all aspects of project management, from planning, to scheduling, and progress tracking.

Additionally, they provide a centralized hub for critical information, which results in streamlined communications and enhanced stakeholders’ collaboration.

Increased Remote Working

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of individuals choosing to work remotely was steadily on the rise. The pandemic environment accelerated the trend, and it’s unlikely to change or revert completely to its legacy setting. Now, employers, educators and others are deploying hybrid models, as many workers desire flexibility in where and when they work.

For project management to succeed in the virtual workspace, it is important to engage in weekly or bi-weekly check-in meetings, get regular status updates, and utilize online collaboration tools – communication is paramount.

RSDC: Provides Custom Project Management Solutions in Washington, D.C.

The project management landscape is quickly evolving, and as teams expand and initiatives grow in complexity, it is vital to leverage technological advancements. At RSDC, we combine our expertise in software development and project management solutions to help your business or organization project your budget, improve performance, and mitigate risks. Our team works with numerous clients across the public and private sectors to transform their repetitive processes into results driven processes.

Let us give you the support your organization needs. Call (703) 310-7913 or email to schedule your consultation!

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