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When an agency of the federal government with worldwide reach needed help building a better help desk solution, RSDC was ready to help. With our extensive background in federal solutions and our highly skilled staff of software and cognitive engineers, we came to the mission prepared.


This vital federal organization provides materials and services to the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, ten combatant commands, federal facilities, and partnered and allied nations worldwide. With more than 80,000 inquiries coming in to the call center every month, a great deal of time and employee focus is dedicated to answering basic questions. Rather than software that uses a branching decision tree, which can result in response loops and customer frustration, RSDC has partnered with Amelia to utilize AI for tier-zero help desk inquiries. The result is a human-like interaction and rapid access to accurate information. With the ability to connect disparate segments of data across the entirety of the organization, and learn the patterns of inquiries as the software runs, the new helpdesk is on track to accept the majority of calls in the coming year, freeing up help desk employees to do what they do best: think critically and creatively to resolve critical tickets that have been escalated by the AI solution.  

And the task was truly monumental, not just due to the volume of calls it would eventually need to handle, but because it was the first application of AI in any federal agency help desk environment. RSDC worked hand-in-hand with agency staff to complete extensive requirements gathering, prototype design and testing, and thoughtful modifications. Our cognitive engineers then trained Amelia in the functions of the agency, the language used by the agency and the callers, and the variations on inquiries that will be made. With Amelia on track to handle the majority of tier zero calls in the coming year, help desk staff is free to respond to the more complex inquiries and the evolution of the department itself. Rather than replacing workers, AI makes it possible for people to stop drowning in the mundane and start doing what people do best: think creatively, and drive the company forward. 

Maybe your company isn’t as vast as a worldwide organization, and maybe your needs aren’t as complex. RSDC may still be a fantastic fit. After all, if we can do it for them, we can do it for you. Contact us today to explore your needs. 

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