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Why partner with RSDC? Because we seek first to understand. We listen, and we consider your mission to be our mission.



Working with RSDC is different. We don’t come in with a bulldozer and limited array of pre-set solution options. We seek first to understand. We listen. We hear what you say, combine it with our decades of expertise and industry insight, and work with you to design the solution that will serve you best for years to come. Our requirements-gathering specialists, business analysts and solution architects are uniquely qualified and motivated to deliver quality services that go the extra mile. Our team boasts the inclusion of veterans and former government employees, people who understand your needs from the inside out. Awarded a prime contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 2012, RSDC went on to earn multiple additional contracts over the following four years. Our approach, our personnel, our expertise and our professionalism spoke for itself.


Our commitment is twofold: first, our solutions must add quality and value to our customer’s experience for the long-term. We aren’t interested in bandage solutions that solve a short-term problem at the expense of long-term productivity. Second, our solutions must be supported by data gathered through rigorous backend testing. Before deployment, before the presentation to customers, our architects and analysts run thorough testing and trials to ensure that the strength of our recommendations are valid and optimal. “On multiple task orders, this contractor went above and beyond providing quality deliverables to the benefit of government,” said our partner at FEMA. “Whether it was engineering services or project management, RSDC provided expert level personnel to meet mission requirements.”


While other firms only handle one phase of your project, RSDC is equipped to take the lead from beginning to end. From initial inquiries through requirements gathering, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support, we are there for you. Our customers experience a far more streamlined process with no time wasted onboarding for the next phase team. The same people who spent time with you in the discovery phase will be working with the architects as they design your solutions. They will be the same people who come back to you with questions for fine tuning. RSDC, by its very design, simplifies the process of delivering optimal solutions to our customers. “Quality of management administration is excellent,” said our partner at FEMA. “Regardless of requirement or peculiar circumstance, the vendor responded quickly and made every effort to meet government need.”

On Your Side

We enable technology to enable your business. In a world that is often black and white and time is scarce, we bring the human element. Anyone can check the boxes, but few fully invest in your success. We’ll be your biggest champion, run point and provide answers. Contact us today to explore partnership possibilities in a complimentary consultation.

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