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Many businesses are caught in a similar difficult position: it’s time to upgrade, but that will require a serious overhaul of hardware, software, storage systems, and complete staff retraining. The process will require expertise that may not exist in your company infrastructure or require time that your team can’t spare. These changes need to be designed and implemented in stand-up environments, with billions of dollars in play with no acceptable downtime. By employing an agile-scrum approach, RSDC specializes in developing and optimizing web-based systems in support of large-scale workflows. Our solutions have supported organizations with thousands of employees serving millions of people. Our augmentative team of experts and industry partners are ready to drive your project through to completion while you continue on with business. 

And the proof is in action every day. Our solutions supported the program transition of a financial management system processing over $5 billion dollars annually for state and local grants. For the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), our system process definition and management services created streamlined, consistent environments aligned with group success and engagement. As value added, all documents produced by RSDC were standards-based, making them reusable within multiple views of the internal reference models. The department was thereafter empowered through an overall, lessons learned report and recommendations to carry on the newly aligned operations. The result was top-to-bottom transparency for planning, workflow, and improved external stakeholder engagement. 

We deliver end-to-end services throughout the project lifecycle, from inception through rollout and support. And from beginning to end, our focus is on you, our customer, and the ideas that will excite, the options you didn’t know existed, and the system that will carry you into the future. 

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