The RSDC Green Tea Shot

Innovation and traditions go hand-in-hand.


Isn’t it the best feeling when a tight-knit group of engaged people work closely together, and the culture clicks into place? A special tradition is borne. Nobody quite remembers it exactly the same and that’s part of the fun – the mystery of those traditions coming to life, creating a new layer of cohesion. It might be a cheer, a phrase, a meme, or a joke – but it comes to represent the best part of the job: working with people you trust. That comradery is demonstrated in RSDC’s very own “green tea shot.” 

When it comes together

It’s natural. It can’t be forced, can’t be synthesized with any formula. Our green tea has come to represent the calmness, discipline, and commitment to quality that our world class consultants bring to their projects. There is peace in that moment, that pause to enjoy the feeling when parts start coming together, when pieces fall into place.  

Healthy inside and out

There are antioxidants in green tea: naturally occurring forces that offer long-range protection and energy. Proactive support for internal processes and ongoing wellbeing. RSDC teams are like antioxidants in your company’s blood stream. We are the leg up our teams give to our clients and to each other. It’s a quality that we bring to all our programs – to revitalize processes and deliver business value.  

Need a boost?

There is of course the actual shot. A burst of energy in one definitive motion. Taking the shot together, as a team, is the outward and inward symbol of our commitment to true, engaging action.  

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