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There has to be more to the decision to adopt the latest and greatest tech solution than having the shiny new toy.


There has to be more to the decision to adopt the latest and greatest tech solution than bragging rights. People stand outside Apple stores by the millions to be the first to get the latest iPhone, but business solutioning has to have more gravitas, more proof of value, and more than just the ability to have the shiniest new toy. Migrating to the cloud can be as easy as a few clicks, but for many, it takes a team of experts to get the job done right, with little or no downtime.

Government on the Cloud 

When considering organizations who value the security of their data, few are more interested than government agencies: classified intelligence, confidential HR material, data collected on people seeking top secret security clearance, financial activities, and more need to be kept secure as well as accessible to those approved to have it.  

The process required to architect a new cloud environment and migrate massive sets of data securely without an interruption of services required a team of services for a branch of the Department of Defense. Using a strategic blend of Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a secure government cloud, RSDC created an environment that met all current and future needs. With a team of experts in high level design, installation of the operation system and associated software, configuration, STIGing, custom software development and deployment, and securing installation of apps and software, the team seamlessly handled all facets of set up and roll out. 

Let’s Grow Together 

A major consideration for any infrastructure upgrade is long-term scalability. Should you take on a higher cost to get more server space than you need, in case you grow? Should you cover your current needs with just a little to spare? Are your forecast projections accurate? With the cloud, these worries melt away. Scalability is just a click away, so the cloud grows with you, always. We talk more about that here (article 2). 

What exactly is a cloud environment? Read our conversation on cloud basics here

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