RSDC is Not Just Federal

Many think of RSDC as a federally-contracting company, but we’re pretty amazing in the private sector, too.


RSDC in the Private Sector 

 Although RSDC was born and raised in the government sector, we are uniquely prepared to serve private sector customers. We are a company that helped moved the VA from the decades-old paper-based system to digital. Because our process results in a fully custom solution, we don’t waste time and money trying to get you to fit into a box. We design and deliver exactly what you need to make the leap to the next level. What could your teams do with an extra two hours a day? We did it for the VA, we can do it for you. 

Complexity is Our Middle Name

There are few propositions more complex than a major IT transition in a federal government agency. The scope of the organization, those they employ and those they serve, the vast amounts of data they use, and the often differing opinions of stakeholders require a specific skill set to navigate. Tight deadlines, firm budgets, and the high stakes of the project itself pose additional levels of challenge. RSDC has a proven track record of excelling in this space, and we are ready to bring our depth of skill and innovation to the private sector. 

Been There, Done That, Can’t Wait to Do It Again

Who better to help your business scale up than those who have also had to rapidly scale to meet the needs of happy customers clamoring for more? And who better to help you scale up than a firm that has worked with the biggest of the big. With a long-term perspective, we can help you think big, balancing the needs of the future with the pressing matters of today.  

Let’s Talk!

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to get the conversation started. We’re ready to do for you what we’ve done for some of the largest agencies in the nation. 

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