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From inception to delivery, RSDC has the talent, the skill and the expertise to drive our customer’s long-term business success. We serve our customers through the discovery, development, implementation and support of innovative solutions to deliver quality and value. Our team of engaged professionals lead strategic requirements gathering to understand your concerns and build a comprehensive understanding of your team’s challenges, needs, and perspectives. Our deeply skilled technical team digs in to the findings, architecting solutions that go beyond meeting the needs you have expressed. We recognize opportunities beyond the Statement of Work, identifying and solving problems with a focus on providing clients with the best experience. Our carefully curated team of professionals draw from backgrounds in the federal government and the military to inform recommendations and decisions from a place of personal investment. We understand your needs and are prepared to meet them and more.

Unwavering Guiding Principles

Above all, our guiding principle is a passion for delivering value without sacrificing quality. Through project after project, and success after success, every decision has come back to one question: will our customers be thrilled with this solution for years to come? We are not satisfied until our deliverables clearly detail and support our position of value and quality.

For and By Veterans

Since our humble beginnings, RSDC has worked with the Veterans Association (VA), leading the effort to bring the massive organization into the twenty-first century. In two major projects, RSDC created a ground-up, completely custom solution to migrate the antiquated, paper-based system to a streamlined, completely digital system. Who better to design and deploy to the audience of the VA than the veterans themselves? With veterans on our team, we worked to ensure that the nearly nine million people served by the VA had better experiences and more rapid attention to their needs. In a subsequent project, at the request of the VA, we explored the concept of data storage migration to a cloud-based system. Again, we architected a custom solution capable of responding quickly to thousands of large-data inquiries per minute across the US and all territories. We designed the system, managed the transfer, and supported the users through the rollout. As predicted, in addition to the ability to better serve administrative staff and veterans, the VA saw a savings of $35 million per year in data storage costs. We are proud of our ability to serve our government’s agencies as they serve our military’s men and women.

By incorporating insight from the breadth and depth of our talented team, we are committed to living out our mission to deliver quality solutions that make work life easier, faster, and more secure – today and tomorrow. Our solutions are backed by extensive metrics and immutable proofs of quality, efficiency, and efficacy. The results are in the consistent creation of solutions that we are proud to stand by.

We approach every project as an opportunity to prove our worthiness of the trust and respect that we have worked hard to earn. Customer loyalty, and additional referrals, naturally follow.

A Unique Company for Unique Customers

RSDC is in a unique position: through our unwavering dedication to evidence-based, quality solutions that provide excellent value, we have repeatedly earned referrals by word-of-mouth. We are honored each time a customer requests us by name to fulfill their needs. We approach every project as an opportunity to prove our worthiness of the trust and respect that we have worked hard to earn. Customer loyalty, and additional referrals, naturally follow.

“RSDC is ready,” said Ryan Denmark, CEO and President. “Let’s open the conversation and explore the potential. Don’t spend any more time on stop-gap solutions for your company’s software problems. Don’t put off the upgrade or technology redesign that’s holding you back. Contact us today and let us help.”

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