CEO Ryan Denmark Chosen to be on Board of William Chris Vineyards

Dedication to excellence, building a comprehensive knowledge-base and using his knowledge to help others is central to Denmark’s personal values.


Never Stop Learning

Learning, growing, beginning at square one in a new area of interest and building up a solid  knowledge base is an RSDC value that keeps the mind fresh and active. Modeling this value, Ryan Denmark, RSDC President and CEO, has taken on the challenge of attaining the rank of Sommelier. Ryan is already a master at solution delivery, running a company, executing AI and cloud services for customers, and mentoring the industry’s next leaders. Returning to a role as a learner, a mentee, a novice, Ryan will develop new ways to guide informed choices. 

Providing Value

 Beyond ongoing personal development, Ryan has taken on this challenge in order to better serve professionally: when a fellow executive and winery owner, Chris Brundrett of William Chris Vineyards, invited him to become a member of the winery’s Board of Directors, Ryan felt compelled to learn more about the industry in order to better serve the Board. Diving deeply and taking personal responsibility for the development of a comprehensive knowledge base is Ryan’s style. Never one to coast or go halfway, the choice to become a Sommelier to provide true value to the Board was clear. 

A Sommelier is a master wine taster with an important job: to act as a trusted advisor on the ideal wine to pairs with dishes, hors ‘d’oeuvres, or social situations. The position requires a great deal of skill, the careful development of the palate, and a broad knowledge base in geographical regions, agricultural practices and cultural principles.  

In the Tasting Room or the Meeting Room

While wine pairing and IT solutions delivery may seem like two different worlds, the process of constant learning and evolution, balance, and informed decision-making for optimal results is the same; finding the right combination of technology and services that support your business, that take it to the next level without overpowering what you’re doing well. Ryan and his carefully curated collection of professionals are ready pair with your company to create something memorable. 

Are you ready to bring in the pros? RSDC is prepared to serve your company with skill and expertise. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!

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