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We may not have arrived at the sleek, tech-centered world of Star Trek or Meet the Robinsons. With major advances in artificial intelligence (AI) we’re well on our way. But how will we get there?


Technology is only as effective as the humans using it. AI offers unlimited possibilities in applications, from call center services to data management, crop selection, behavior training simulations, financial oversight and so much more. But the only way it can work effectively is through skilled training by humans.

AI rollout follows a different path than most other software implementations: with most programs, users buy the license, download and install the program, set a few preferences, and that’s that. AI implementation is more like raising a child: once engineers have constructed the architecture – the program’s living space – and software developers have installed the programming – baby has been delivered – the process of learning, of becoming must begin. The software must be trained not only in the location and value of the data it will be accessing, but in the needs, behaviors, and processes of the humans it will serve.  

The good news is that RSDC’s Cognitive Engineers handle that process, too. Our skilled team is experienced in a process that can seem overwhelming to companies who are already busy managing the day-to-day. During our requirements gathering process, in addition to learning about why you need AI, we build a comprehensive understanding of your flow, needs, and functions through real world scenarios that the software will face. We provide you with the tools, but even more, we provide you with the ability to maximize them, exceeding your expectations, and taking your original vision to the next level.

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