A Veteran’s Day Message from Michael Theard

RSDC Chief Operating Officer/ United States Army Master Sergeant, Retired


There is no greater treasure to the United States of America than her Armed Forces Servicemembers and families that serve to protect our way of life. Our Servicemembers and their families, embody the competitive spirit and possess necessary skills for the foundation of what we are as a sustainable nation. 

As a veteran, I embrace Veterans’ Day with humility and gratitude: humility for the opportunity to serve alongside of world class professionals and gratitude for the injects that served to hone the professional I became.  I also possess immense gratitude for those who stretch beyond themselves while expanding capabilities, achieving missions, protecting national interests, and preserving our way of life. 

Beyond Veteran’s Day, it is my honor to travel our country throughout the year, recognizing and honoring those who served as early as the American Revolution up to an including through today’s wars, by sharing in events, ceremonies, and dedications, honoring them. I believe deeply in maintaining a commitment to remembrance and sharing expressions of gratitude for all servicemembers and their families’ sacrifices. 

At its core, RSDC shares my commitment through our consulting services and within our team, many of whom are also Veterans. It is our honor to continue to serve our nation, providing superior services to Federal, State, and Local Governments, as our guiding principle. 

Veterans, enjoy your day! 

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