Impacts of Digital Transformation in the Public Sector


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies of all different types have had to go through a digital business transformation. The public sector, dealing with aging technology and infrastructures, has particularly felt the pressure to find digital solutions to survive in the “new normal”. The Public sector is now serving citizens through digital channels while also seeking to function internally in a fully virtual environment, only increasing the need to modernize their systems.

The pandemic has shed light on the critical need for improved technology for government agencies to operate efficiently. Below, we examine the impacts of digital transformation in the public sector and key trends to look for as the pandemic crisis continues to unfold.

Increased Digital Interactions

While adoption of online citizen services was growing steadily even before the pandemic, there has been new found momentum as the public sector faces requirements to provide digital offerings for a host of services, ranging from welfare and public safety to healthcare. The accelerated citizen demand for online services has resulted in a heightened focus on user-centric design and enhanced responsiveness.

Along with the development of virtually-accessible services comes a renewed interest in automation, specifically robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analytics. While the public sector is still in the early stages of its AI maturity curve, one key area of focus will be the integration of chatbots to meet the influx of users seeking information online.

Enhanced digital communication with citizens via chatbots will help to automate repetitive requests and processes, relieving pressure on the public sector workforce and providing a seamless omni-channel experience for citizens.

New Ways of Working

In addition to citizen engagement with public services, the way public servants operate internally has also undergone a marked transformation. As a result of work-from-home requirements, agencies have been pushed to leave traditional business practices behind and embrace the virtual world of digital collaboration tools and content conferencing.

Despite any initial resistance to change, the outcomes of remote work have been positive, as departments are reporting increased efficiency in project delivery and considering offering long-term remote work opportunities.

The Cloud Opportunity

As the government sector faces growing service expectations, it must find a way to scale the operational efficiency of the technology behind public services. Cloud based SaaS provides a way for public sector agencies to better scale operations during peak demand and offers a pathway for more seamless integration of digital services, automation, efficiency, and data security.

Phasing Out Legacy Systems

Agencies have been working for years to modernize the legacy systems at the core of their operations. Be it budget, planning, or a whole host of other agency specific barriers, the journey to replacing legacy systems has been a slow one. Now, with no end in sight to the pandemic, agencies must strategize the best plan for modernization by quickly shrinking budgets and an uncertain future.  

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