Top Three Reasons You Should be on the Cloud

There are many advantages to the cloud. What reasons are at the top of your list?


There are many advantages to the cloud. What reasons are at the top of your list?

Speed to Delivery 

Setup is as simple as logging in. Need to expand your existing cloud space? Click, click, done. Expansion and remediation can be automated to change minute-by-minute, allowing for an efficient balance of resources while you’re working on more important things. In the past, migration to a new system took extended periods of time, from redesigning the server room and internal architecture, to waiting for ordered parts to arrive, through installation, rewiring, and even deployment on each workstation. The flow to the cloud could look something like this: you decide to migrate to the cloud, you choose your services, and… you’re ready to go. 

Reliability and Failover 

In traditional infrastructures, there is usually either a “hot site” that is an exact duplicate of the live site that will automatically deploy if the original site fails, or another option is a “warm site,” also an exact duplicate that takes human intervention to deploy in the case of failure. Maintaining both a live and hot or warm site in two distinct locations, either on separate server racks or geographically distant sites, is costly and onerous. Due to failover needs, the two copies cannot be linked, so updates to one must be also done to the other. In addition, they double the amount of server space required. 

On the cloud, none of these options are necessary. A hot or warm site can be waiting in the wings, costing a fraction of the price. 


Perhaps the most compelling motivation for a move to the cloud is the major savings to the bottom line. With minute-by-minute pricing, companies on the cloud are not paying for storage or computing capabilities they don’t need. Rather than buy, power, cool, and maintain a massive server that remains at 40% capacity for a few years while the company scales, you could be paying for the exact amount you need without impacting efficiency. Ready to cut your utilities cost? Companies on the cloud are no longer paying for cooling and powering their servers. In fact, major cloud servers are built in naturally cool climates, like Scandinavia, where the weather does the work.

Let’s talk about savings for the IT team. Many fear the cloud, mistaking greater efficiency and ease with the elimination of jobs. In many cases, the opposite is true: no longer bogged down with menial duties, such as replacing server parts, installing new drives and crawling under a desk with a screwdriver, teams can focus on solving more complex problems, getting projects off the back burner, and advancing their career development. 

Ok I’m sold… now what? 

Now imagine you could call in a team of specialists that already know the ins and outs, who are fluent in the most recent options because that’s what they live and breathe. A team that enjoys sitting down with your staff, who are experts in the ins and outs of the existing system, how it works, and how it doesn’t work. A fresh perspective and focused solution-providers can make the process rapid, and seamless, so you can reap the long-term benefits. 

RSDC is ready to take your business to the cloud. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. 

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